Chicken Finger and Fries Bacon Sandwich

Warning: this loaded Chicken Finger and Fries bacon Sandwich is not for the light stomached!

What you need:

1 loaf frozen garlic bread

1 ball fresh mozzarella cheese, cut into thick slices

6+ slices of bacon

2-4 chicken tenders, depending on size

Flour, 2 eggs beaten, breadcrumbs (separated into different bowls)

1 bag of frozen french fries

Honey mustard

Here’s what you do:

Step One
Season chicken with salt and pepper. Then dip the tenders in flour, then the egg, and then breadcrumbs. Cook in frying pan over medium heat until golden brown.

Step Two
BACON! Fry up the bacon like you normally would, but don’t eat it all.
Remove the bacon from the pan and dry on paper towels. SAVE THAT BACON GREASE! Use it to fry up those fries! Double bacon, man!
While the bacon and fries are cooking, bake the frozen garlic bread for 8 minutes at 400F.

Step Three
Time to assemble!
We went with mozzarella cheese, bacon, chicken fingers, french fries and then more cheese!
Bake again at 400 until the cheese has melted.
Top it off with some honey mustard and enjoy!

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