22 Foods You’re Eating Wrong

We’ve just learned that we’ve been eating these 22 foods the wrong way, our entire lives! Have you been using any of these ingenious methods?   1) Slice up a baked potato and fill it up with cheese and toppings before baking it. It’ll be glorious                     […]

Art Work by Toast

This dad may have just won of dad of the year. His daughter has severe food allergies and is only able to have white break with sunflower oil for breakfast. To keep things entertaining and new for his daughter, he creates works of art from two slices of toast every morning. Check out some of […]

Steak & Fries Bites

These steak & fries in one heavenly bite are just what you need to make any weekend complete!     DIRECTIONS 1. Preheat grill to medium-high and preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Pound steak to 1/4” thickness, if necessary. Slice steak against the grain, on the diagonal, into thin strips (about 2”-long). 2. Toss steak […]

Ice Cream Ramen?

ICE CREAM RAMEN OMG ??????? get it at @dessertkitchennyc! #FoooodieeeObsessionEatHere TAG YOUR FRIENDS THAT NEED THIS!! A photo posted by EatMeNYC (@eatmenyc) on Sep 20, 2016 at 11:02am PDT Apparently, ramen ice cream is a thing now.??? Not to worry though, this dream-like dessert is neither noodle nor ice cream (because that combo sounds questionable), […]

French Toast Pigs In A Blanket

Here’s what you need: Breakfast sausage links Eggs Milk Sugar Nutmeg Salt Cinnamon Sliced Bread Maple syrup

5 Fabulous Food Fails

You found a great new recipe on Pinterest or here on No Time To Cook, and you did your very best to follow the steps EXACTLY… And the result looked NOTHING like the photo. Yeah, we’ve all been there. Here are a few of our favorite fabulous food FAILS. Show us some of yours in the Comments.

Frozen Elsa Princess Cake

Little girls everywhere have fallen in love with the Disney Frozen movie, watching it repeatedly and singing ‘Let It Go’ until their parents’ ears are bleeding. This recipe by How to Cook That is as magical as the movie character herself, down to the flowing dress and beautiful see through glistening cape.

Meet the Queen of Sh*tty Robots

INSIDER interviewed Simone Giertz about her love of building hilariously terrible robots, from a terrifying knife wielding chopping bot to a life-affirming applause bot.

How to Make Tiny Donuts

Store-bought donuts just can’t compare to making them at home. And believe it or not, they’re really not hard to make. Here’s a cute little recipe from the folks at Tastemade.

Christopher Walken Cooking Chicken With Pears – Uh, What?!?

This one is both funny and a little bizarre. A simple recipe to cook chicken upright in the oven, with caramelized pears. The only thing that’s different about this recipe is that Academy Award winning actor Christopher Walken is the guy cooking it!